Hand built with the highest quality components in the USA.
The fastest retraction speed on the market. Keeping up with your hard trainers and minimizing risk for all climbers.
The best value with units starting at $1,880. A 2-year recertification cycle means you save even more over the product lifetime.
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The World of Climbing is Growing
And Perfect Descent is at the forefront.  We are proud to be the official auto belay of the International Federation of Sport Climbing.  Find Perfect Descent at the 2020 Olympics!  
An Unflagging Commitment to Quality & Customer Support
An impeccable track record from a responsible manufacturer. Owners, operators, buyers, and managers consistently tell us our customer service far exceeds the other auto belay manufacturers (and a lot of people switch for just that reason). With Perfect Descent you can expect faster recertification turn around, a responsive team of professionals, and quick solutions to your questions or concerns.
Customer Focused Product and Service


Hand built in Colorado, and never mass produced.  All of our auto belays feature an always-engaged, redundant braking system that is unique in the field. Our auto belays meet ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS, and CE safety standards giving peace of mind to climbers and owners.
The Full Suite of Accessories to Support Your Operation


Our Belay Gates are designed to comply with international safety standards for signage.  A simple and effective risk management tool. Durable replacement lanyards provide a field replaceable solution for owners.  And more great accessories are on their way!


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Fill out this form and we will send you a brand new auto belay so you can decide for yourself.  If you aren't happy with the unit, send it back after 30 days at no charge.  If you love your new Perfect Descent, keep the unit for purchase.
What is the recertification cycle and how much does it cost?
Units must be serviced and inspected by an authorized service center every two years. Other modular auto belays have an annual cycle so you save a lot with our units.  Recert cost is $350.


Frequently Asked Questions

Anouck Jaubert
Professional Climber, French National Team
Thanks to the Perfect Descent system we have no more problems with belaying in competitions and it is a great tool for training alone!
John Wiygul
Partner & President, High Point Climbing Gyms
We use Perfect Descent at all three of our locations because they retract and catch at a quick, trusting rate.






Which is the right auto belay for my operation?

We have Indoor and Outdoor models. The Outdoor model is sealed against the elements and carries the CE mark.  Size options are 28 ft (8.5m), 40 ft (12.2m), and 52 ft (15.8m) lanyards to match your wall height.
I hear a lot about sacrificial parts - what's up with that ?  
This is a falsehood. Our braking system uses top-of-the-line components that experience imperceptible wear over a period of 10 years or more.  If a component ever needs replacing that is taken care of in the recertification.
What top climbers and industry leaders are saying...
Make the switch and never go back. 
Outfit your facility with the best auto belay in the field. 

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The World Of Climbing is Growing

Climbing is an Olympic sport and Perfect Descent is dedicated to the athletes in their pursuit of the Games.  As the official auto belay of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), Perfect Descent is committed to supporting speed climbing events around the world as the world prepares for the 2020 Olympics.

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